Here are the recipes I use for my family’s Primal meals.  I have personally used all of these recipes. If there is a substitution that needs to be made in order to make it Sugar free/Gluten Free, I have noted it with an asterisk. If there are any that are not linked, it is because they are my personal recipes and I will work on posting them as I can.

All of the recipes I use in my weekly meal plan are listed in the Recipe Bank. I will try to link them in the actual meal plan but if I don’t you can find them there.

I will post our weekly meal plans as they are developed. Enjoy!

Important Information:

In the beginning phase of this way of eating, I would suggest very limited acceptable carbohydrate intake. (Sweet potatoes, Organic Corn and Corn Products, etc) Once you have spent a few weeks on the diet and have started to lose a significant amount of weight, and feel confident you won’t be tempted to divert, you can add them in. I would suggest eating any (or most) carbs before 12 noon. That way they are well burned off before you go to sleep and start storing/not storing all of the healthy fats you ate throughout the day. I have tried to limit the amount of tomato containing recipes under “dinner” for this reason. 🙂

Bountiful Baskets: Our family participates in a food co-op called Bountiful Baskets. Basically, you contribute $15 a week and you will receive fruit and vegetables. Between 20-35lbs – depending on the season. So, you get a massive amount of fruit and vegetables for $.40/lb. They also have “add ons” each week. These come in addition to your regular basket are usually great deals on bulk,  in-season vegetables or fruits or a pack of a mixture of Italian themed vegetables for the week. (ie:  30# of Strawberries or Italian Basil, Eggplant, etc.) In order to participate you log in each Monday to place your order and then you pick up your produce the following Saturday. You can participate as many or as few weeks as you like. There is also a company called Full Circle, that has a similar program. It is a bit more customizable but that is reflected in the higher price. If these programs are not available in your area, you can search for one that is, or them to see if they might be willing to help you set one up.

Fermented Foods: I am very new to world of fermenting. I think that it is an amazing process and increases absorbed food nutrients by up to 300%! Here is a great page explaining it, at some recipes to get started. I know, it is a pretty crunchy thing to do, but once you start feeling the benefits of a Primal diet, I assure you that you will want to add them in at some point.

Soy Sauce: Use a Gluten Free, Organic Soy Sauce. Tamari is the one I use. It has a much milder flavor than traditional soy sauce, so don’t be surprised if you need to add a bit more when you use it. If you want something a little different, or you don’t use soy products, try Coconut Aminos.

Ketchup: Use a ketchup that does not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. This doesn’t mean you have to buy an expensive Organic brand, although it is preferred, Hunt’s makes decent one. Just make sure it says 100% Natural… Just read labels. It’s not hard. At all.

Flour Substitutes: If you need to fry something and make it crispy (ie: Asian dishes containing chicken) Use Potato Starch. If you are looking for a mix of some sort, or want to try one of the GF bread recipes, a blend of Tapioca Flour and Potato Starch are alright.

Thickeners: When you need to thicken something.. a sauce, a soup.. Use Potato Starch. Again, I wouldn’t suggest this too often in the initial weight loss stage.


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